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This project certainly represents Dana's approach to housing in Israel. The apartment is located in a residential building built in the seventies. Planning began by joining two apartment units on the top levels and creating a new staircase to the roof, above the public stairwell of the building. Following the connection of the units, the apartment is now exposed to four directions of ventilation and enjoys a vast landscape with the sea to the west and the Samaria Mountains to the east.

The sense of space is created by the large windows that wash the house with natural day light, creating the illusion of height. Pergolas continue the ceiling line on the outside, increasing the internal space. Use of the kitchen wall section extends the space to the outside: the inside section is a used as a closet and the outside creates a seating bar area.

Alongside the sense of space, there was an emphasis on warmth and familiarity. Therefore, an intimate exit to the terrace was designed from each room. This also repeats as a public exit to the terrace from the living room and kitchen. 

In this project, Dana's affection for foyers is notable as a place that generates a sense of preparation and transition between states. The sky lighted foyer in this apartment creates a pause between the public spaces and the bedrooms. The advantage of the foyer is the visual dialogue it creates between the different spaces.

The palette of materials was chosen to create largely monochromatic color scheme. Like in a Black and White movie, Dana wished to produce a sense of something familiar, faded, non-threatening whilst the furniture and art items provide the colorfulness.
A unique design element that adds a personal expression is the pavement used for the foyer andterraces. The ornamented concrete tiles that were specially commissioned from Turkey are very suitable for the Mediterranean climate.