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The land intended for this house was picked by the client due to its extraordinary old fashioned feel. The house was built on a relatively small parcel intended for a couple of family houses; however the feeling is of a much larger area. The reason for this is the mere positioning of the house on the parcel, with its rear to the already existent house and the front to the wide open wadi, filled with beautiful eucalyptus trees. The illusion of vast space is also contributed by the symmetrical appearance of the house and surrounding glass windows, creating a mixture of inside and outside. "The idea was to let the eucalyptus trees inside" says Dana, and indeed they are viewed from every corner of the house.

The building itself was designed in a "C" form, as the front has a roofed courtyard paved with ornamented concrete tiles. The courtyard is surrounded by an open space, containing the kitchen, dining table and an area for watching television and listening to music on the western wing, and master bedroom and bathroom on the eastern wing. The second floor consists of four bedrooms, two on each side, along with two bathrooms.

The entrance leads to the kitchen and TV area which, like most of the house, is designed with bright colored, minimalistic feel to it. The dining table area separates the kitchen from the TV area. Over the table stands a beautiful vintage lamp made entirely of rings shaped crystals; intertwine with each other, and hanging from the ceiling down.

The ground floor has glass doors framed in blackened iron which are folded in the summer time creating porch for entertaining or indoor seating in the western courtyard, amongst grapefruit trees, orange and tangerine.
Between the two wings, near the entrance, is a large seating area designed with African accessories. Four black drums are used as tables and are combined perfectly with straw chairs, the pine and stainless steel and upholstery fabrics, imported from Zimbabwe.

A white wall in the back of this space hide the staircase made of white painted wood panels that are connected to the walls with black iron latches. A narrow window, raising the entire height of the house, washes the staircase and the house with natural day light.The lower basement level contains an office used by the landlord. This office has a separate entrance on the south side of the house.