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This luxury refurbishment of a two story apartment in city village, tel aviv, was ‘tailor fitted’ for the client, a fashion designer, artist and art collector who with his spouse enjoy hosting and entertaining. Our aim in this project, as well as many others, was not to erase and rebuilt from scratch but to integrate, diversify and create eclecticism.

Art items, paintings and sculptures from the private collection were taken into consideration in the layout. For example, between the iron doors, leading to the living room balcony, a wall of 80 cm was designed to include two works by artist Yigal Tumarkin. Another example is sculpture by Gideon Oberson “Chickens”, which depicts two women sitting on a swing and gossiping. This lovely bronze piece was hung with cables through the concrete frame in the balcony and appears as if it has been there forever. Another small example is the kitchen drawers, which were carefully designed to fit wine glasses by height.

The building elevator opens directly to the entrance foyer, where the two levels split. The lower level leads to the main floor which includes the kitchen, dining room, living room and balcony. The upper level is the apartment’s private area, which includes a bedroom, bathroom, study, and in addition, a hosting unit for family and friends. This unit is a rectangular family room with a full length black cupboard incorporating a large TV screen and shelves of books. A large day bed made of three gray mattresses is facing the cupboard. This is a classic place for the couple’s grandchildren to play, watch TV, and spend time with their grandparents. The family room is a dynamic unit and can be closed with sliding glass doors with a separate bathroom.

Dana’s understanding of detailing and use of materials that comes from a multidisciplinary approach was very beneficial.

The main floor including the balcony was paved with gray bluestone tiles size 80/80 cm, laid diagonally. The tiles fit perfectly with the clean, strait line, open space kitchen. The kitchen counter is made from grey Corian and the walls are
The balcony, which is a natural extension of the main level, is a significant part of the couple’s lifestyle. Brick walls and beams rise 7 m high and give it a Mediterranean character. The client along with Dana wanted to create a living space